Corporate Flu Vaccines - Family Healthcare Erindale
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Corporate Flu Vaccines

Protect your employees’ this flu season

Corporate Flu Vaccines

Worried about the effects of the flu doing the rounds at your workplace?

One of our Doctors can attend your business to provide your employees with a flu vaccine.

Not only will an onsite flu shot offer your employees the convenience of not having to visit a clinic on their time off, it also demonstrates your care for their wellbeing. Having a flu shot can also decrease absenteeism, loss of productivity and protects people who are more vulnerable to illness.

Family Healthcare Erindale has been providing businesses with onsite flu shot clinics for many years and businesses enjoy the convenience and investing in their employees’ good health.

The cost of the flu clinic is determined by the number of employees receiving the vaccine. For example, a clinic with over 50 employees would be $33.50 per vaccine and less than 50 employees would be $38.50 per vaccine.

We recommend the Quadriflu vaccine which covers the four most common strains.

Call today to discuss your corporate flu requirements (08) 8431 2077.